Solar Spade

Heliosphere Defender: 3D Retro Space-Shooter Arcade for Android

Rowley Games Studio flagship title for Android phones/tablets and Android TV devices.

Initial Public release June 25, 2018!Get it on Google Play



As a decorated officer of the Navy, and a prior operative under America's Top Secret program "Operation Paperclip", you were granted a Level-Q Top Secret clearance. Very few even know such levels of secrecy exist.

After some time, you were flown to Antarctica, and you came face to face with the leaders of a highly secretive group offering to recruit you. They introduced themselves as The Emissaries, and you learned that The Emissaries were in possession of highly advanced technologies.

The Emissaries hold, as their primary mission within the galaxy, the distinguished duty of protecting Earth's solar system.  Their program was known to members only, as "Solar Shield".  You were eager to train as a star fighter  pilot with this select group.

Through your enthusiasm and hard work, you graduated with honors to earn enlistment with the elite, the Solar Spades.

Your sole duty is the protection and defense of our immediate heliosphere.

Unidentified alien vessels have just been detected operating around Mars...

It is unclear what the E.T.'s are doing in your defense zone.  They appear to be harvesting minerals from our local asteroids. They also appear to have some interest with Mercury and Venus.

Get out to Mars or the asteroid belts to intercept the aliens.

GOOD LUCK SPADE ... We all depend upon you!

Inspired by 80's and 90's coin-operated arcade games, Solar Spade is a 3D retro isometric space shooter.

Solar Spade was designed to combine the feel and fun of some of the original coin-operated arcade games with modern 3D graphics and physics based character control. Our game has resulted in a unique and nostalgic space arcade experience playable on modern mobile devices.

You have limited time to collect minerals from local asteroids, and to generate enough bombs to stop the imminent alien threat, in Rowley Games' indie-developed flagship title.

Take a trip through our inner solar system in your advanced interplanetary star fighter, while defending our precious home.

Visit Mercury, Venus, Mars, and some nearby asteroid fields as an elite Solar Spade in our original free map included with free download.

Physics based controls. Select from full-tilt, touch-screen thumb-pad, tilt-steering, or game-pad controls to suit your play style.

Works excellent on larger phones, designed with tablets or larger screen formats in mind. Android TV is also supported for an excellent arcade experience (Game Controller required).

Collect spades to trade in for upgrades, and set high scores in the leader boards.

Gain level and rank to unlock higher-difficulty challenges. (Challenge levels 7-9 will unlock with rank achievements only after "full game unlock" item purchase).

Exchange earned spades, or purchase various upgrades or add-ons directly, for use in-game. Additional ships with different physical characteristics (mass/thrust/durability/maneuverability) are also available for purchase in game.

Works best and saves player stats and inventory when signed in to Google Play.

Additional maps and more in-game content still under development, and will be added to the in-game trading port and store once completed and ready for play.

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