About Us

Daily Walk, Copyright 2015, James Rowley ♫ ♪ ♫

Mission Statement

Rowley Games Studio strives to bring levity to the world, developing new interactive expressions of our team members’ creativity in the form of entertaining and engaging software.

Rowley Games Studio perceives a potentially devastating problem:

People today are very serious

When we were younger, we were more accustomed to exploring and to expressing human creativity and endless potential. We remembered to invest our time to play. Playing implies entertainment: Absence of serious or harmful intent. Entertainment provides levity: Providing amusement or enjoyment. Levity: Literally means “lightness,” and it is often an attempt to inject some lightness or humor into an otherwise somber situation; In our case, the overall mindset of many!

Through independent and unrestricted expression of our team members’ creativity…

Rowley Games Studio endeavors to inject lightness into the often serious and somber mindset of the modern day human.