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Interactive and potentially amusing examples and demos.

Some of these demonstrations and examples utilize the D3.js JavaScript library. You can learn more about D3js reading this post and on the website.

I used D3js to create this fun and interactive “BreakOut” type game I titled Bust’Em D3-js.   The game includes recorded sound effects in many browsers, though I have noticed Chrome on Android and likely Safari on iOS have issues playing HTML5 audio tags.  I am still hoping to add in cookies storage of your best score and plug into my site database to save site best names and scores as well.  Here is the beta version however, it only took me about 24 hours to write this game using the D3js library.  I hope to post an interactive tutorial on it after I complete the game and have a chance to clean up the code.

Bust'Em D3-js (ßeta)
Score 0 Personal Best Planned for v1 Site Best Planned for v1