Rowley Games Independent Interactive Game Design and Development Studio, owned by James Rowley, is based in San Diego, California.

James possesses over thirty years experience designing and coding solutions using many different programming languages, eight years managing computing systems for non-profit organizations, and eleven years primarily building an internal corporate data warehouse, adhering closely to the Kimball method, for a cloud-hosted software company. He has expert knowledge of many intermediate to advanced software and data-analysis design and development paradigms, languages, techniques, and algorithms.

Many of James’ personal interests have revolved around coding or modifying video games ever since the advent of home computing and video games (Atari and Pong)! The very first video game James developed played Tic-Tac-Toe against the player on a Commodore Vic-20 PC (prior to the Commodore-64). He later created some of the very first published third-party add-on monsters for the hugely popular Quake, and he was able to get the monsters included and published on a Macmillan Publishing unofficial Quake add-on collaboration CD that was sold in software stores (Level Master series). Aside from video game development, James holds special affinity working with data, including data integrations, databases, programming and processing tools, and programming and data frameworks.

James’ professional career has been diverse, working as primary accountant for thirteen years at two non-profit organizations, before working eleven years for a global “software as a service” company that develops hosted software frameworks and tools for charitable organizations, schools, universities, and healthcare services (Blackbaud, Inc.). Working for Blackbaud, James spent three years developing integrations and tools to assist the Finance, Accounting and Sales departments, then eight years performing business intelligence engineering and administration duties, a lot of complex data-modeling, database design and administration (SQL server), building multi-dimensional analysis cubes containing warehouse data, and he gained some seminar training and exposure to big data analytics platforms, distributed filesystems (Hadoop), and data-analysis tools.

James and first published video game is “Solar Spade – 3D Retro Space Shooter Arcade” developed for Android devices. The landing page for Solar Spade can be found here.