Rowley Games Independent Interactive Game Design and Development Studio, owned by James Rowley, is based in San Diego, California.

James has over 30 years experience as a software developer and 20 years in Information Tech. He posseses a broad and in-depth knowledge of many advanced software design and development paradigms, languages, techniques, and algorithms.  Much of his personal interest has been centered around coding or modifying video games ever since the advent of home computing and video games came to exist (Atari and Pong!). James also holds special affinity for artificial intelligence programming techniques, including genetic algorithms and genetic programming.

His professional career experience has been broad. Career positions have revolved around Business Intelligence, Database Design and Development, MS SQL full-stack, Hadoop, and other Big Data analytics solutions since 2008. James also has professional Project Management and developer experience coding finance and accounting, billing, and scheduling systems.

If you are interested in consulting or creative services, please Contact Us to inquire about a discovery session to discuss your needs. Please summarize your ideas or your creative project for which you request assistance.  I attempt to respond quickly to all serious inquiries.

Areas of expertise for consulting engagements may include:

  • Do It Yourself Websites using WordPress, HTML / CSS / PHP or ASP.NET / MySQL / and JavaScript
  • Special independent game or media creation and development projects, with emphasis on interactives, including scripted, graphical, audio, and video elements.
    • C++/Java/C# specialized
    • Havok Vision Engine
    • Unity 3D Engine
  • Integrations, various Internet Protocols, and HTTP, REST, SOAP, AJAX, jQuery, JSON
  • Modern HTML5 supported internet technologies and server-side and client-side JavaScript frameworks:
    • D3.js, Node.js, React, AngularJS
    • Neo4j Graph Database (NoSQL!) and integration with JavaScript
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